Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, May 31. 2006 in Personal

Even though I'm not in school, the school year seems to be the most busy for me. Of course, the main reason why is that with 3 sons in school (one in elementary school, one in middle school and one in high school) and their extracurricular activities, there's a lot of running around and not a lot of free time. So when summer kicks in, I find that I have a larger and more reliable "availability" of free cycles to do stuff with... I'm looking forward to it. There's house repairs that need to be done (I *have* to refinish the deck), room upgrades (I'm putting down hardwood floors in the bedrooms) and, of course, code that needs to be hacked. And, as with all things, it's best if you can see things straight through to the end, instead of stopping and starting. I find doing things in drips and drabs very unproductive.


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, May 30. 2006 in Programming

When will people learn that web technologies are not, and will never be, a one size fits all situation? Look at the problem first, then pick the implementation that most easily and efficiently solves the problem, without limiting future growth. It won't always be the same solution. SOA (with and without ESBs), WOA, WS-*, REST, SOAP, LAMP, J2EE, etc... those are just "words", kiddos. You fit the solution to the problem, not the reverse. Sure it's nice to have preferred methods, and being biased to one technology (or a suite of them) over another is just human nature. But don't limit yourself.

Apache HTTP Server 1.3.36

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, May 19. 2006 in ASF


Wait for 1.3.36

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, May 9. 2006 in ASF

Apache HTTP Server 1.3.35 introduced a nasty regression where using wildcards in the Include directive no longer works. Also, there are some other issues with that code change as well, as far as double frees. I will be releasing 1.3.36 within a week to resolve this, either by removing the Include directive enhancement which caused the problem or by fixing it.


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, May 8. 2006 in Junk Drawer

When I first started with Unix, I was given a disk quota of 50 blocks, and was happy that I had such a huge amount, since I was one of the student SysAdmins at Hopkins. Just this weekend, I replaced my 60GB OS X disk with a 120GB one, to supplement the other attached storage I have to my now-growing-even-longer-in-the-tooth Dual G4 PowerMac. All toll, I have about 600GB of hard disk storage on this beast. This includes some stuff that is pretty extraneous. For example, I'm in the process of moving some old VHS tapes to DVD, so a good size chunk of all that are the iMovie and iDVD files. But still: Geez! In the space of a little bit more than 25 years, I've seen my own, personal disk storage "requirements" expand by a factor of about 7 orders of magnitude. Seems a bit excessive to me...

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