More and more Java

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, April 28. 2006 in ASF

I'm finding myself more and more using Java, not so much for actual app development, but rather simply because a lot of cool and neat (new) ASF projects are Java based. So if you want to play around and code within these projects, well, you have to Java. I know that one of the questions proposed on Slashdot to ask Greg was "why are there so many Java projects within the ASF" and to some extent, it's a good question. It sure would be nice if there were some cool Python or Ruby or (even more) C-based ASF projects to spread the technology out a bit. Anyone interested in moving over to the ASF?

Java5 for OS X

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, April 20. 2006

The latest version of Java5 for OS X (PPC and Intel) now, during the install process, make it the default version. Finally. It was a bother to constantly have to make the adjustments to coerce OS X to use earlier versions of Java5 consistently.

Back online

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, April 19. 2006 in Junk Drawer

The last few weeks have been quite busy, giving me almost no time to blog or hack or much of anything really. There was attending the Forrester IT Conference, and then over to Walnut Creek for a cool Covalent Engineering Team meeting, then back home but driving to upper New Year to visit my wife's sister and brother-in-law for Easter, and then the drive back. I'm just now getting re-settled in. During that time, quite a number of releases of various ASF projects were voted on, and I was able to vote on most of those. We're looking at Tomcat 5.5.17, several APRs, and all 3 versions of Apache httpd. Plus, I'm hoping to push out a beta3 version of Telaen 1.1.0 later on. So there's a lot to catch up on. I'm making some headway...

Adding to the blogosphere

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, April 13. 2006 in Work

Covalent is adding a blog to our corporate site. The blog s/w chosen: Roller (here and here). As far as the... well... fun involved in getting it up and running, I'll leave for someone else to talk about to bootstrap the blog. Diff topic: Nerd Tests

Not Oracle

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, April 10. 2006 in Junk Drawer

So it's RedHat

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