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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Sunday, April 9. 2006 in Junk Drawer

Last week I flew out to Las Vegas to attend the Forrester IT Conference and speak (part of a panel discussion with Tony Wasserman and Abraham Elias) about Open Source acceptance. Open Source was noted by Forrester as one of the 4 "horsemen" of the future of IT. The nice thing about such conferences is that it gives me additional insight into the minds of "enterprise" CIO/CTOs. It still strikes me as somewhat amusing that there are still intelligent people who refuse to even consider Open Source. Especially when one hears accounts from organizations large and small that base a large set (or even their entire) IT infrastructure on OS. I can see maybe being somewhat circumspect, especially if one has no experience with it, but to not even consider it? To actually require someone to "urge" you to look at it? Inconceivable. Anyway, it had been awhile since I was in LV and it was a short trip due to other committments I had, so it was a fly-out on Tuesday and a fly-back on Thursday. And this week I'll be in Walnut Creek, CA from Monday nite to Thursday. So not a lot of time for blogging and stuff lately. But some things, old and new, should be noted: MySQL on Sunfire | Park Place | Boot Camp | CakePHP | Prototype | SOAPOX

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