Subversion Observsion

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Sunday, December 19. 2004

As many people know, the ASF is migrating, with vim and vigor, away from CVS towards Subversion (SVN). For me the migration is bitter sweet, like throwing out that old, comfortable pair of shoes for a new pair. Although I don't consider myself a CVS expert by any means, I knew my way around it and was able to use it without even thinking (some people claim I do too many things without thinking, but that's a whole different entry). Now with Subversion, for the casual user, you can just s/cvs/svn/ and get by pretty well; but with a super cool utility like SVN, that's hardly doing it justice. For example, due to the expense of branching and tagging, it's been avoided like the plague; with SVN this incredibly useful (no, make that *required* ) capability is cheap and encouraged. One of my goals for the holiday break is to really *read* the Subversion book. In the meantime, I'm just enjoying playing around with it. I just wonder how long before we see robust and seamless SVN suport in various tools, like XCode? Hopefully sooner rather than later. (PS: Yes, the title is supposed to be that way)

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