LOTR and Ruby

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, December 9. 2004

Previously, I wrote about the Lord of the Rings Symphony and promised (or threatened) a review. Although scheduled for 2 hours, the event itself ran closer to 2 1/2 total, including a relatively short intermission. Even so, at no time did the concert drag. The structure was pretty nice, with 6 movements, matching the books themselves, with the intermission after the 2nd movement. While the music was being performed, drawings and sketches from the storyboards were displayed on a large screen, matching the music to the events of the movie. The 3 soloists performed quite well, but one, Susan Egan, was exceptional. The selection of music was perfect and enjoyable, even to those (like my wife) who have never seen the movies. Even if you didn't know the story, the music described the moods associated the LOTR, and was complete in itself. If you have the opportunity, by all means, see the show. And now for something completely different; despite my best intentions and my true desire, I simply can't get into Ruby. It's just laziness on my part, I know, because it is in many ways a much better language than my usual choices, but I still find myself doing more and more with Java/PHP/Perl/Python and less and less with Ruby. Most of the times I find myself starting development in Ruby, but before too long redoing it in Python. I'm still a proceduralist at heart, but dang it, sometimes OOP is just the right decision.

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