And so it starts

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, December 1. 2004

OK, I admit it. I was always someone who considered blogs as both the biggest waste of resources (storage, bandwidth and, even more importantly, time) as well as a pretty lame exercise in soapboxing. "Who cares what some of these people have to say," I would think. And so I would refuse to start my own, even though, as those who know me well can attest, I'm never at a lack for stating my opinions. And then I attended Wil Wheaton's talk at ApacheCon. Wil's talk was surprisingly open, candid and refreshing. It also made me relook at my thoughts regarding blogs. Yes, they are yet another communication mechanism to use, when it seems like I can barely handle my Email much less keep up to date on the various irc channels, IM's and Wikis I really should be reviewing and contributing to. But blogs are something else: they are exercises in soapboxing. But not lame ones. They have power, and elegance and they provide those qualities to anyone who has something to say. And that's pretty noble stuff. And so, I'm starting my own. And I hope everyone enjoys the journey with me.

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