Tech Hanks

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, December 6. 2004

Reading Steve Loughran's blog entry about Polar Express 3D got me off my duff to finally write about a topic which I've been hesitating to bring up. The reason is because it makes me sound very cranky. First and foremost, I have nothing at all against Tom Hanks. I think he's a good actor, but I can also think of several other actors who are much better masters of the craft than Tom, yet have no awards to show for it. So this isn't a rant against Mr. Hanks at all. But couldn't they find somebody else, anybody else, to put those shiny little stickies on their face and be Santa. Or the young boy? I mean come on now, 5 parts? I had hopes that CGI and other movie related tech would expand the opportunities for struggling actors, not tighten the noose. Of course, maybe Looker had it right all along... So maybe every actor out there better watch out. :-)

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