AC Europe 2006

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, June 29. 2006 in ASF

I am seriously bummed that I'm not attending ApacheCon Europe this year. From all the reports, postings and blogs it sounds like it's been a great show and a great event. But with vacation timing as well as chaperoning a summer camp just last week, there was no way I could fit it into my schedule... Anyway, that will make the US ApacheCon show in Austin all the sweeter. Been playing quite a bit with SQLite3 and I'm quite surprised at the sheer number of applications that I can migrate off of MySQL. Of course, these were all applications and scripts that needed more than flat-file or DBM databases, but in which MySQL was "overkill." So SQLite serves a pretty useful and large sweet-spot. Anyway, I've added SQLite to all the jaguNET web servers as well. Still no update on upgrading my Mac Dual G4. The upgrades I could find all provide faster clock speeds, but the lack of L3 cache means just minimal peformance increases over what I have now. So maybe a G5 is in the cards after all. If I can just convince Eileen... Over the last 2 days, Maryland has been hit with 12+ inches of rain. Our pool overflowed 3 times, and I needed to drain off the excess water. The sun finally came out yesterday and it was nice having things starting to dry out.

Telaen 1.1.0

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, June 12. 2006 in Open Source

As posted some time ago, I've been hacking away on Telaen, a "new" PHP-based Email client, designed to be easy to use and administer (with no big dependencies). It's nice having some smaller projects to play around with in addition to larger ones, I think. Anyway, after several weeks of development we released version 1.1.0 of Telaen this morning. Check it out.

The need for speed

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, June 6. 2006

It wasn't all that long ago (in fact April 2005), that I purchased a CPU upgrade for my Dual G4. I'm ready for more. In fact, I need more. Of course, what I've been waiting for (and I'm sure many others as well) are the Intel-based Mac desktop units. I can't see spending all that money for a brand-spanking new G5 when they are, in fact, already absolete. Now if they were much cheaper, then I'd figure out some way to justify the purchase, but at the current prices, I just can't. So it's another CPU upgrade for me... I'm in the process of narrowing the field and hope to have something selected, purchased and installed by the end of this month.

Good book

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, June 5. 2006

I try to keep my office organized. Not "neat" necessarily, but just ordered enough that I can do work efficiently. However, as my workload increases, the organization of my office decreases, until, well, I just can't find anything. So I knuckle under and take a few hours and clean up the office. I was doing that this weekend, rearranging books on my bookshelves, when I came across a book I had puchased and read a few years ago, but hadn't reviewed (that is, re-read or re-skimmed) since then. So I stopped cleaning up (any excuse is a good excuse) and started re-reading the book... I had forgotten just how useful it was. The book was 'Effective Java' by Joshua Bloch. It encouraged me to be more proactive as far as watching how I code and, more importantly, use exceptions and how to handle synchronization. For people coming from a C background, the chapter on 'Substitutes for C Constructs' is worth the price of the book alone. It is, as the name implies, very focused on Java, so there's not a lot to gleam from it for a Ruby or Python coder. But I would wager than every Java programmer would at least find one item of use in the book, most likely several. All in all, a very good book, and one which I should never have relagated to a bottom shelf.

Reality TV Talent Shows

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, June 1. 2006 in Personal

I don't watch 'em (in fact, I don't watch any "reality TV") but if these are popular, then why not simply bring back the Gong Show. Now that was a fun show to watch...

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