AC Europe 2006

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, June 29. 2006 in ASF

I am seriously bummed that I'm not attending ApacheCon Europe this year. From all the reports, postings and blogs it sounds like it's been a great show and a great event. But with vacation timing as well as chaperoning a summer camp just last week, there was no way I could fit it into my schedule... Anyway, that will make the US ApacheCon show in Austin all the sweeter. Been playing quite a bit with SQLite3 and I'm quite surprised at the sheer number of applications that I can migrate off of MySQL. Of course, these were all applications and scripts that needed more than flat-file or DBM databases, but in which MySQL was "overkill." So SQLite serves a pretty useful and large sweet-spot. Anyway, I've added SQLite to all the jaguNET web servers as well. Still no update on upgrading my Mac Dual G4. The upgrades I could find all provide faster clock speeds, but the lack of L3 cache means just minimal peformance increases over what I have now. So maybe a G5 is in the cards after all. If I can just convince Eileen... Over the last 2 days, Maryland has been hit with 12+ inches of rain. Our pool overflowed 3 times, and I needed to drain off the excess water. The sun finally came out yesterday and it was nice having things starting to dry out.

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