Long time

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, July 5. 2007 in Junk Drawer

Geez... it's been almost a month since I last blogged... Obviously, I still don't make it a priority and when blog-thoughts pop into the old noggin, I think "Nah, that would make a pretty bogus and meaningless entry" and so don't post anything... I still feel that blog entries need to be "important", and I guess my standards are too high (and therefore I self-censor a lot more than I should). So where to start: Events are manna from heaven. Although I agree that we should continue making Apache more event "aware", I remain unconvinced that event-based servers are, in and of themselves, "better" especially as the issues which are problematic for non-event-based servers become resolved and improved. The cool thing about Apache MPMs is that *you* decide which impl makes sense for your environment; no "one size fits all" approach. For people using XML/XSLT and making the move from PHP4 to PHP5, xslt-php4-to-php5.php and domxml-php4-to-php5.php save you some time until you can port the code the right way. JSR 315 RMS: Open mouth, insert foot

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