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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, February 13. 2006 in Open Source

The January 2006 issue of Linux Format had a nice article regarding the topic of Women in Open Source. In addition to others, I was interviewed for the article and they used a few of my quotes in there, which was nice. Of course, this got me thinking about diverity in Open Source even more so than usual, and although I agree that the female population is not adequately represented, there appears, at least to me, an even more obvious under-represented minority: African Americans. Although it's true that, at least in the US, African Americans as a whole are a smaller minority than women, when I look at the various Open Source projects, and especially when attending conferences, there is a much smaller percentage of African Americans than one would expect. Why is that? Not to take anything at all away from the valid desire to increase diversity in gender, I wonder what can be done to increase the diversity in race...


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, February 6. 2006 in Open Source

I'm having fun working around with Telaen, which is a simple yet powerful webmail client built using PHP. The nice thing about it is that it requires a very barebones PHP build: no MySQL, IMAP, etc, yet it fully supports POP3 and IMAP, and has support for folders, HTML email, etc... It's an offshoot of Uebimiau, which I liked and did some patches/development on, but that project seems to have stagnated, so a few of us started Telaen. Just this weekend I released our 2nd release candidate. A number of Uebimiau users seem pretty happy that we've kick-started development and support again. It's a nice little project.

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