Increased diversity

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, February 13. 2006 in Open Source

The January 2006 issue of Linux Format had a nice article regarding the topic of Women in Open Source. In addition to others, I was interviewed for the article and they used a few of my quotes in there, which was nice. Of course, this got me thinking about diverity in Open Source even more so than usual, and although I agree that the female population is not adequately represented, there appears, at least to me, an even more obvious under-represented minority: African Americans. Although it's true that, at least in the US, African Americans as a whole are a smaller minority than women, when I look at the various Open Source projects, and especially when attending conferences, there is a much smaller percentage of African Americans than one would expect. Why is that? Not to take anything at all away from the valid desire to increase diversity in gender, I wonder what can be done to increase the diversity in race...

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