Back from ApacheCon US 2005

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, December 15. 2005 in ASF

Late last night (late because, well, it's always late when flying back east from the west coast, unless you want to take the red-eye, and later still since my connecting flight got cancelled), I got back home after spending 3+ days at ApacheCon US 2005. It was a blast. First of all, of course, it was great re-hooking up with people that I simply don't see enough. Not nearly enough. Also, it was great finally meeting people that I've hadn't had the opportunity to do so (like Paul and Jean and Susie!). The sessions I attended (and chaired) were top-notch, and the venue itself (the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina) was, well,... let's put it this way: heads and shoulders above the venue of the last coupla US ApacheCons. Also at ApacheCon, there was the Hackathon, which I thought was pretty productive (code-wise and community-wise), and the ASF Members Meeting, where we added quite a number of new people to the ASF roster (full list to be public once we know who accepts). With the size of the ASF now, organizing the members meeting is getting somewhat difficult, as far as doing the roll call and then counting the votes. This year I tried, for the roll, having myself and other directors mark people's names off as they entered the room. This worked out OK, but I now regret doing it that way. There's a lot to be said for calling people's names out loud, so that others in the room can then match the name and faces... I think I'll go back to the old way. There's other stuff I want to post about re: ACUS 2005, but those will come later.

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