Will the world rush to 2.2?

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, September 22. 2005

There has been a lot of discussion and effort recently in getting Apache HTTP Server v2.2 ("Apache 2.2") ready for prime time. The HTTP Server project is using the even-number=stable|odd-number=development naming strategy [Note: this doesn't apply to the 1.3 tree], so we are actually working on Apache 2.1 (and 2.3) which would then become Apache 2.2 (and 2.4). The destined-to-become-2.2 branch was just created a few months ago (to my surpise I must say: it happened while I was away on vacation and offline and so didn't realize that trunk was no longer the direct 2.2 path!). One discussion was regarding whether it was more efficient or more problematic to basically have 2 paths that, at least for now, so closely track each other (so that a commit to one also needs to be (re)committed to the other). So far, now that everyone is clear on the procedure, things appear to be moving well, but the 2.3 and 2.1 paths are still basically the exact same. The other discussion has been whether the 2.2 releases should contain the 'experimental' module directory... this is still ongoing, and could likely be resolved just by a name change. The idea is that there are modules that we bundle that haven't experience the world-wide testing that others have, and so marking them as experimental (as we do now), allows for people to try them out, and hopefully provide feedback and fixes. The counterpoint is that providing modules that are classified as "experimental" is a disservice to the community... I take the former position. The big question, of course, is whether 2.2 will provide enough reason and rationale for people to upgrade from 1.3 (and 2.0 as well)... the new feature list is impressive and addresses some known and "complained about" deficiencies in 2.0, so the odds are pretty good. Personally, it will be nice to see 2.2 out the door and in use. Developers like developing code that people use, and with the (wise) restrictions on changing too much in 2.0, the 2.1/2.2 tree has been the fun place to work. But after awhile, you want it to be actually *used*. We're getting closer and closer to that happening...

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  • Gregor J. Rothfuss
    With 2.2 out, you guys should seriously consider to EOL 1.3. Granted that will create a storm in the teapot, but maybe that's exactly the attention httpd needs to get the message out about the new stuff, and get the 'why bother to upgrade' crowd moving. As for 2.2, i'm sold on mod_filter, but unsure yet whether mod_dbd will help PHP or not. There seems to be little information about mod_dbd out at this time, and conflicting statements whether it is only going to benefit the threaded MPM or all MPM. BTW, the CAPTCHA didn't work in FF 1.5b1, so i had to use IE to post :-)
  • Tim Larson
    Now if we could only get it ported to A/UX... ;-)
  • Tim L
    I'm hoping that PHP will rush to get on board with threaded MPMs in 2.x. :-P

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