The Music of Middle-Earth.

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, December 7. 2004

I'm a big Tolkien fan. Now I'm not a loon about it; I don't go around speaking Elvish, or wearing fur on my feet, but I am a voracious reader of anything Tolkien related, I greatly enjoy the History of Middle-Earth volumes and can debate with the best of them the significance of a wizard's staff. And I love Bored of the Rings as well. So you can imagine my joy to learn the Lord of the Rings Symphony was coming to Baltimore. This symphony distills 11 hours of music from the movies to a ~2 hour concert, providing a very cool "review" of the work. Here in Baltimore, the BSO is handling the music, with help from the Baltimore Choral Society and The Maryland State Boychoir (MSB). The latter is especially cool since my middle son Tim is in the MSB and is one of the selected members of the MSB chosen to sing. Last night they had the orchestra rehearsal, and it was impressive to say the least. Tonight is the dress rehearsal and a performance, with another performance tomorrow night. A full review will be coming.

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