Old dogs and new tricks

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, September 14. 2005

I have a nasty little secret: I still do a lot of coding using vi (well, actually vim). When I need or want something more "robust" then I'll use BBEdit. If I need something even better, then I'll use Xcode (see a pattern there?). I do find myself selecting Xcode more and more, BBEdit a bit more, and vim a bit less as time goes on. Mostly, of course, it's due to the wide-ranging complexity of multi-file projects and applications, and the old methods just don't scale anymore. I hardly ever use Eclipse: Xcode is much nicer, IMO, but I expect to find myself eventually moving more to it, simply for the cross-platform aspects. And I've never used emacs. There. I said it.

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  • Yoav Shapira
    I like emacs ;-) It has its learning curve, but one can achieve high productivity... Eclipse is also decent and constantly getting better. The last few times I've upgraded, each upgrade had at least one feature that I thought was awesome to have. I've only seen xcode, haven't used it, but it looks cool ;-)

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