Worth the effort

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, August 31. 2005

On Monday (August 29th), my wife Eileen and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. Unfortunately, I was away on business that day, so we weren't able to share the day, but the distance did make me appreciate just how lucky we have been. A lot of our friends got married around the same time, and although most are still together, a few have separated and divorced. And of those still together, a few are either unhappy or simply "existing." Both Eileen and I realize how fortunate we have been, but we also realize that it took, and still takes, work. Especially when you have kids, it's easy to grow apart as a couple, as you are so busy with taking care of them, or driving them to sports or clubs, or helping with school work, etc... Then, you get to the stage when it's just the two of you, and you wonder who that stranger is who is living with you. One key is, I think, that we take time out for each other. Even if it's just grabbing a quick dinner (just the 2 of us) out at our favorite bar-and-grill every week or so. Another key is that we talk... we really talk. Next year is a real milestone: 20 years. We're already started talking about what to do and where to go, and have been getting recommendations from friends. And then 30 and 40 and...

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