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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, August 17. 2005

Usually I'm on the "helping" side of communities; you know, the side where they provide the help or "support". I forgot how it is to be on the other side; how cool it is when you ask a community for some help, and there is an outpouring of it. An ISP in Malaysia had a temporary path leak, causing my ip block and others within the AT&T network to be misdirected to their address space (they were a mistaken preferred route at various locations). Anyway, I tried the normal procedure to get their contact info, but it wasn't panning out. I sent an email to the nanog list and some APNIC lists requesting contact info, and within minutes I had exactly what I needed, and within minutes of that, the ISP contacted me. And within a half-an-hour, the problem was solved. All due to helpful communities. Special thanks to Will, Bill and Joshua, and especially to Muhawira Muhamed from Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

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