See you in Amsterdam

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, February 20. 2009

We are getting closer and closer to ApacheCon EU 2009, which is scheduled for 23-27 March 2009, Mövenpick Hotel, Amsterdam. This year I have a number of sessions I'm presenting. In addition to the Opening Plenary and the "Chew and Chat" talk about ASF Sponsorship, I'm also doing a session on Advanced Topics in Apache HTTP Server 2.2. This will mostly be a detailed overview of the cool useful features in Apache 2.2, with a look and how they are likely to be enhanced in Apache 2.4. What is also really exciting is that I am also co-training with Rich Bowen in the Apache HTTP Server - Nuts to Bolts training class on Monday and Tuesday. The format will be similar to the training in NOLA last year, with the 1st day being a deep dive into the fundamentals of the web server, with myself, and on Tuesday Rich's famous "cookbook" examples of hints and guides on how to make Apache do everything, even give you a pony! You should really, really attend. This conference promises to be one of our best, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

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