Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, April 20. 2005

With the election of Pope Benedict XVI, I am watching and reading with bemused interest all the comments regarding how "strict" he is liable to be. Especially so-called "American Catholics" who supposedly would prefer a pontiff who was a little more lenient. Too bad. This all reminds me of kids who complain that their parents are too strict: "They won't let me eat cake for breakfast.", "They make me do my homework.", "They don't want me to drink and drive.".... Do people really expect Mom and Dad to capitulate, just to keep Missy and Junior happy? Isn't that a main function of parents, to bring their children up right? For Catholics, that's the role of the Holy Father. I'm a strange amalgam: devout Catholic, untrusting skeptic and unabashed Libertarian. Yes I take my faith seriously, but I am also know that the Catholic church has had faults and failures, as have all human enterprises, whether inspired or not. But I think lowering the bar isn't the answer at all. Sometimes there are absolutes, whether in physical law, or moral law. A compass with a wandering 'North' indicator is worthless.

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