Which one are you?

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, February 23. 2017

Some people speak because they have something interesting or useful to say.

Others speak because they know everything (or, much more likely, think they do!).

Others speak because they like the sound of their own voice.

And others speak because they want to shut down others speaking.

In general, which one are you?



Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, February 8. 2017 in Personal

They say that a sign of depression is when you no longer enjoy what you used to find pleasurable. Yeah, I guess, that could be a sign of depression all right. But it could also be a sign that it's simply no longer fun; that what used to be enjoyable, simply has changed to the point that it no longer is.

That is certainly the case with me.

As you may know, for decades I have poured my heart and soul into being deeply, actively involved in various Open Source projects and activities. But lately, some of the ones that used to be fun, simply no longer are. What used to be a group of like-minded people, working together, valuing each other, collaborating and operating with a common goal has turned for some of these projects and actvities into "putting up" with power plays, soapboxing, petty squables and a dismissive attitude towards basic common tenets and goals that, up until recently, were respected and honored. Life is too short, and my talents (as limited as they are) are too valuable to waste on such things. When an Open Source project is no longer fun to be around, there are plenty to take its place.

My advice when it comes to getting involved in Open Source has always been to Have Fun. The corrolary to that is that once it stops being fun, it's time to shake off the dust and find another place more welcoming and more inviting... and more fun. I give that advice to others, it's time to take it myself.

The positive part of all this is that it allows me more cycles and the ability to work on other things and projects and activities that I've been interested in, but have lacked the time to do. All of us involved in Open Source should do this: take an inventory of what projects you are involved in and seriously ask yourself if you are still having fun. If not, maybe it's time for a change as well.


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