Starting on Telaen 2.x

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, November 5. 2014 in Programming

After a somewhat long sabbatical, I'm energized about rebooting the Telaen Project.

Partly, this is due to jaguNET migrating to using Dovecot for both POP3 and IMAP, and the realization that an upgraded webmail system would be the perfect compliment. Now for sure, Telaen is a great PHP-based webmail system, and, in fact, has served (from what I can tell) as inspiration and source for numerous other webmail systems as well (such as T-Dah Webmail, for example), but I had let it lay fallow for quite awhile and, well, it's showing its age. And to be honest, except for some of the larger, and more complex and dependency-ridden offerings out there, it seems that no real PHP webmail packages are being actively developed.

So, I've gone ahead and create the telean_1.x branch and master on the git repo will be the source of Telaen 2.0 development. In no particular order, I plan the 2.0 version including the following:

  • Removal of PHP4 support and baselining PHP5.3 at a minimum.
  • Faster indexing by utilizing sqlite3 instead of PHP arrays
  • Better and more complete IMAP interaction
  • Better SPAM handling, especially related to auto-population of the Telaen internal SPAM folder (right now, if the user creates a real, IMAP SPAM folder, Telaen gets awfully confused)

In all cases, the design goals of keeping Telaen as simple and streamlined as possible, and avoiding as many dependencies as possible, will be kept and honored. In fact, the only dependency "added", that I can foresee at this time, is sqlite3 capability, which is default for PHP5.x anyway. However, I do plan on adding some hooks so that if people want to use MySQL or Postgres, they will be able to.

If interested, check out the Github page, and help develop the code, add features or wish lists, find and patch bugs, etc... 


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