Upset, angry and totally disappointed

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, November 6. 2010 in Personal

I feel the need, for many reasons, to post about what happened to Noirin. I doubt if I will be able to draft something as honest and "on the mark" as what Paul wrote, but I'll try. First of all, I, like Paul and a few others, were at the bar in question but had no idea what happened. We did seem to all rush out quickly, but I just figured that, well, it was getting late. It is fortunate that I had not been aware of what had happened because, quite honestly, I don't think I could have held myself back. I know Noirin. In addition to us being both members and directors of the ASF, we are also friends. Noirin is one of those rare persons who have an honest and deep love of life. She enjoys life, she enjoys her friends, she enjoys work. Even when down or depressed, Noirin is still one of the most vivacious people I know. To have someone take advantage of that, to "mistake" her friendliness as anything more than that, and to act in such a baseless way is appalling. Why don't some guys get that? Are some male of the species so clueless that they really think that any sort of friendly interaction is an offer or invitation for something else? And why do some scum, when something like this happens, blame the girl? Noirin has every right in the world to be happy, to be free and to feel safe. Something like this happening affects all 3. My greatest fear is that events like this would cause such a light in this world as Noirin to "dim" herself, to shy away, to fade into the background, because of incredibly wrong and poor decisions by people. And we would all be the worse for it.

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