Side project Telaen

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, May 19. 2010

In addition to the stuff I do for $WORK and the ASF, there are also some coding side-projects that I like spending some time (and my limited talents) on. One of these is a PHP-based webmail system called Telaen. It started off when I wanted a nice webmail system to use with jaguNET and found Uebimiau. But the code in Uebimiau was a mess and seemed to be abandon-ware, so I hacked away at it and provided the so-called jimjag patches which many users found useful. After awhile though, it just seemed better to fork it and so a few of us created Telaen. Anyway, as it always is when you do stuff on the side, Real Life has this nasty habit of intervening, causing development on Telaen to slow down. Well, I've since rebooted the project (who needs sleep??) and have a beta of the latest version (Telaen 1.3.0) available... Check it out.

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