Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, September 15. 2009 in Personal

A number of very cool conferences are coming up, 2 of which I'll be attending and speaking at. The 1st is SpringOne, which is kinda unique this year in which they have a SysAdmin/WebOps related track. The 2nd is ApacheCon US which promises to be one of the most excellent ApacheCons in the last ten years. I'm doing a 2 day training (with Rich Bowen), which is our world-famous Apache HTTPD Nuts to Bolts guide. I'm also doing a session on the Apache API, with a focus on module development. And, of course, the State Of The Feather and Sponsorship talks. What's also nice is that Eileen will be coming out for ACUS09 as well, and we're planning on staying in CA for an extra few days and enjoying wine country.

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