TLD Explosion

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, June 27. 2008 in Technology

Oh joy. ICANN has decided to accept an explosion in the number of TLDs. The reason, of course, should be obvious: money. Now even more people, companies and organizations will be obtaining these new TLDs to protect their marks or, more than likely, grab them so to be able to sell them to others. I realize I'm old. I recall a time when obtaining a domain name actually required some justification. For example, you couldn't just "grab" a .org; you had to actually show you were a non-profit. If you were an ISP, you were allowed a .net, unless you could prove that your business was more "commercial" and thus be allowed a .com. This maintained some sense of sanity and consistency in domain names. Now it's all catch as catch can. And all in the name of cashing in, even more, with this whole Internet thingie.

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