Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, June 14. 2008 in ASF

Hot off the stove: Apache HTTP Server 2.2.9. Yum. Good pudding.

ASF Board Elections

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, June 5. 2008 in ASF

The ASF just finished our annual members meeting. During the meeting we elected in a new board and new members. The list of new members isn't public yet, allowing time for them to be contacted, etc... But the roster of the new board can be announced now. It is:
   Bertrand Delacretaz    Justin Erenkrantz        J. Aaron Farr
   Jim Jagielski          Geir Magnusson Jr.       William A. Rowe, Jr.
   Sam Ruby               Henning Schmiedehausen   Greg Stein
Of the above, Bertrand is the "new guy", taking over for Henri Yandell who decided not to run again this year. Congrats!

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