Internet Freedom

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, May 27. 2008 in Junk Drawer

Will someone please explain to me this "Internet Freedom" that Viacom's challenge is supposedly threatening? What freedom is that? The freedom to steal copyrighted data? How did all that is good and noble about the Internet get somehow associated with the concept that "as long as I can make a copy of something, I should be able to do whatever I want to do with it whether I have permission or not." Yes, the Internet is all about sharing information, but it doesn't also mean that copyright now flies out the window. Let's be clear, if I create something (music, video, code, whatever) and I *choose* to share it, then great! If I also decide to let others share it as well, even better! But the sharing of that information is *mine* to choose, not yours. Don't lump my exercising my rights in protecting my property, with your perceived "rights" to take what is mine and do whatever you want with it, without my permission. Really, that sort of mentality is totally embarrassing.

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