Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, February 19. 2008 in Technology

So it's official: Blu-Ray has beaten HD DVD. Like so many others, I've held off buying either format, since I would almost certainly pick the wrong one. And, like so many others as well, we looked at purchasing a PS3 not so much for the gaming aspect, which would have been a nice "extra" (which is ironic as all get out for a gaming system), but as a subsidized Blu-Ray player. At least both technologies were pretty well matched; I've heard valid technical arguments for both formats being "better" for HD video requirements, and so whichever way the market went, for those of us who still like watching DVDs (and not downloaded content), we'd be pretty happy. The bad part was the waiting, which is now over. Of course, the real question is whether it's too late, and whether those people like myself, who prefer using bandwidth for other things than downloading huge media content, have our days numbered...


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, February 12. 2008 in Technology

The latest Leopard upgrade (10.5.2) is out... and I am happy. So far, it seems to have addressed all the weird and troublesome problems I've been having.

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