Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, February 8. 2008 in Junk Drawer

With my transition to Leopard, I've gone ahead an pretty much dropped Fink. Except for all those packages I compile and build myself, I'm baselining MacPorts. For one thing, it was getting problematic supporting 2 porting implementations and for another, well, Fink's kinda been slipping for awhile, as far as the timeliness of some updates. So right now, I'd say about 75% of my local additions are home-built , 20% via MacPorts and the remaining 5% are some one-off builds of some standard tools (like Wireshark). Oh, yes... I am very much looking forward to OS X 10.5.2... The various bugs and "issues" in 10.5.1 are starting to get quite annoying...

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