Let's help out Greg

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, August 28. 2007 in Personal

It was just early this morning that I found out that Greg Stein was mugged and seriously injured last Friday. Greg's is personally a good friend, but also one of those rare people who have shaped the open source community in numerous ways. His contributions are many and varied, from being Director and previous Chairman of the ASF, to the driving force behind several open source (and related) technologies, like WebDAV, APR, Subversion, Python, etc... Greg is home now but, as he says, "I'm alive, but not feeling well at all". The truly sad and shocking thing is that Greg was already on crutches before the attack, making this recovery even harder... I'm sure had Greg not been previously injured, the muggers would have been whomped so badly that they would have needed to crawl back to the gutter they came from. Kevin Burton has started a fund to help Greg out, a fund fully authorized by Greg. It's time for the community to rally together; Let's all help Greg out, someone who truly, truly deserves it. Donate Now to the Greg Stein Fund

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