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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, August 29. 2006 in Personal

20 years. Today marks Eileen and my 20th wedding anniversary. It seems like only yesterday that we were married. Cheers! (Note: I've never looked better than in the above picture; but Eileen is more beautiful today than ever) Making it this far is certainly an accomplishment, but the credit doesn't rest just with us. After all, let's be honest, sometimes through no one's fault at all, and despite the best intentions and efforts, sometimes a marriage just doesn't work out. Yeah, we've worked hard on keeping it healthy and loving and alive, but we also know that we've very lucky and blessed as well. There has been good times, and not-so-good ones, but through it it, we've hung onto each other. It's a union that has resulted in a lot of joy, and 3 very fantastic sons. Life is full of choices, and this one was the best one I ever made.

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