OSCON 2006

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, July 19. 2006 in Open Source

Next week I'll be suffering from cramped legs and a sore back as I'll be flying cross country to attend and speak at OSCON. Flying is no longer a fun event, at least for me. In fact, it's hardly tolerable anymore, what with the long lines and the packed flights. Plus, as I've mentioned before, my productivity goes *way* down when traveling, which I find just as painful. Still, events as cool as OSCON make it worthwhile, so despite me whining about getting there, I'm really looking forward to attending the conference. I have a short session on Wednesday (4:30pm) regarding LAMP and I'll be manning the ASF booth and the Covalent booth when I can. But I still wish that there were at least *some* good open source related conferences in Baltimore... We really do have a nice Convention Center.

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