Goodbye to Joe

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, February 3. 2006 in Personal

I admit it: for the longest time, I simply hated coffee. I would always drink tea, and I found coffee way to bitter and strong for my tastes. This continued for quite awhile until about mid-way in my career when everyplace I went, whether a client or contractor site, they always had coffee, but never tea. Or else they had tea (the bags), but no hot water... So, I "forced" myself to drink coffee. And I grew to like it. Really like it. Until the coffee in most places was way too weak. Yeah, I become almost a coffee snob. But then I really wanted to lose some weight, and one of the recommendations would always be drop coffee and switch (back) to tea. And then about 2 weeks ago I had my first (and hopefully *last*) kidney stone, and again the recommendation was "cut back on the coffee." So that was it. I'll have maybe 1/2 cup a day and that's it. For the most part, I'm back to tea: regular old orange pekoe, green, English Breakfast, the occasional chai... and I almost forgot how much I enjoyed it. Tea is subtle but still with a nice kick to it. Plus, I use less sugar (and milk/cream), so I'm feeling healthier as well. Still, I still get those looks and double-takes from the waiter when, if I eat out, I order tea instead of coffee... But it's getting better.

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