On Laptop Usage

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Wednesday, December 7. 2005 in Personal

I envy people who are very productive using laptops. I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I love my laptops (a G4 iBook and a Sony Vaio), but try as I might, I find myself using them mostly for things like catching up on my Email, or some very rough coding, or misc. surfing. If I have some "real work" to do, and I am "stuck" with my laptop, I find it takes much more effort to get the same amount of work done, than if I was using my "main" machines. Maybe I'm just old-school, but I seem to need a keyboard that is a nice full size, and that I can move around without affecting the orientation of my display. Laptops make me feel "cramped" and that's never a good thing for productivity. Of course, there's a good, flip side to all this: it enables me to distance myself from work at times, like when I'm in the house sitting on the sofa. By it not being so easy to "get into" work, it's easier for me to find time to do other things, like take a walk, or do some woodworking, spend time with the family, etc... If I was more comfortable using a laptop, I think I would never stop "working." So as much as I love the freedom that laptops provide, I'm kind of glad that, at least for me, they aren't as easy to be majorly productive with.

Linux Format Interview

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, December 2. 2005 in Personal

Previously I posted about how while at OSCON, I was interviewed by Paul Hudson from Linux Format UK. Well, the interview is out, in their Linux Format 74, Christmas/December issue. It's kind of embarrassing :-) First of all, I'm mentioned twice on the cover, then a small snapshot of me in the ToC and then a very nice article with large pictures. And then there's that "Lord Jim" phrase... And I'm thinking to myself, "Who the heck am I that I 'earned' this?" I just consider myself a guy who has some marginal talent and was lucky enough to be at the right places and the right times. There are other "unknown heroes" that I know quite well, who deserve just as much recognition, if not more. Then again, there are also lots of other people who, IMO, don't "deserve" as much as they get, so I guess it all evens out ;-) The interview itself is pretty good, though there are some typos and what appear to be mistakes in transcription. And my kids get a kick out of seeing their old man in a magazine. And my wife likes it when I call her "Lady Eileen." So even though I feel kind of "modest" about the whole thing, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a totally cool blast. So it was a very surprising, but nice, early Christmas present. Thanks again to Paul and LF-UK!

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