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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, November 1. 2005

You know, for something that people depend on as much as the web (connectivity and service hosting), I'm constantly amazed how they want everything for dirt cheap. Servers cost money, bandwidth costs money, *people* cost money, and yet people don't even question how a company can sell web hosting, for example, for $5 month that "includes" 4GB of disk space and "unlimited" bandwidth. And of course, "dishonest" web hosts depend on that. They depend on nobody even using a fraction of their allocations, because if clients did, they'd be in a world of hurt. Same when they are looking for programming work or web site design work. They figure that since their nephew Tommy has a copy of Dreamweaver, he's a web site designer; or since he took some classes on "Programming" they'll grab him to code their new site. If you were looking for a doctor or architect or lawyer or any other professional, sure you'd consider the price, but you would also understand that they are, in fact, professionals and therefore are somewhat "deserving" of their salary. But not with tech people... I love that.

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