When disaster falls

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, September 13. 2005

I haven't posted anything about Katrina... there seems to be such a huge amount of copy (both real and virtual) about it, that adding more seems almost wasteful. Obviously, though, if you haven't donated to help the effort, please do so; the human tragedy is heart-breaking. I have opinions regarding how the whole disaster was handled, and, as with most people, I think it was obvious that we were not at our best. A lot of people and essential services let down whole communities; it's embarrassing. And I feel kind of awkward even stating that, because how does embarrassment compare to losing everything, and being ignored? My "embarrassment" pales in comparison. One thing that bothers me a lot is how during these crises, you see people crawl out of the woodwork, to get a special photo-op, to get their names in the papers, to be talked about. Those "people" who uses these kinds of tragic events for political or personal gain sicken me. The real "story" behind Katrina are those directly affected; not those who contort the story around themselves.

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