Intelligent Design

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, August 20. 2005

I find it sad, and even embarrassing, that's there even any debate on whether "intelligent" design should be taught. How anyone can think that it's even a mildy scientific "theory" is anyone's guess. Now I'm not knocking religion. Heck, I happen to firmly believe that about 2000 years ago, a Man rose from the dead after 3 days, which defies logic and common sense. That's why it's called faith. But I don't claim my religious beliefs as science. Einstein saw God in the beauty and elegance of the physical and natural laws that encompass our universe. Evolution, and the theory of natural selection, follows this elegant pattern. Personally, I'm more in awe of a God who could weave a reality that allows this all to occur, than one who would just "poof" stuff into existence.

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