Best-Laid Plans

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, July 2. 2005

Despite my best intentions, I've let this blog go fallow. First of all, the past few months have been incredibly busy, and I've simply not taken time out to post anything. The second reason is one which I alluded to in my very first post: who wants to read anything from me? Is what I have to say, or my PoV so interesting that I should stand on a virtual soapbox for all the world to read? Any blogger necessarily has some narcissistic tendencies, and although those who know me well know that I don't hesitate to speak my mind on various mailing lists and wikis, it's usually in response to a topic; it's a reaction, not an action. But then again, there are some blogs that I try to follow, and I don't consider them the 21st century equivalent of chest beating; they are useful, entertaining and informative. Maybe this could be the same for others. I'll never know until I take it more seriously, no matter what.
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