Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, March 14. 2008 in Personal

In my spare time (yeah, right!) I enjoy using my Macs to play around with various forms of digital media. I've spent time moving pretty much all of our home videos to iMovie, and using Lightroom to organize my digital pictures. I've created DVDs for people and slideshows and I have a great time doing it. But lately I've also gotten quite involved with audio. Partly it's due to my and my sons involvement in the Maryland State Boychoir, and also due to my middle son Tim being in a few "bands". But also it's due to the Mac making it all so easy, and the fact that you can do great things with a very, very small budget. Behringer in particular has professional equipment at really affordable prices, especially their Podcast Studio Bundle. It really is quite amazing that there are so many opportunities to be creative, and scratch that gotta-make-something itch, whether it's code or a CD or a DVD. And, as always, I love my Mac.

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