Just A Week Away

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, November 5. 2007 in ASF

ApacheCon US 2007 is just a week away. I'll be flying out to the event on Monday, so I'll be there for pretty much the whole week. It is kind of nice not having to take a long flight for a change to get to ApacheCon! I look forward to AC for a variety reasons. First of all, there is the incredible amount of knowledge transfer that goes on. You get a better understanding of a project and a codebase in a short 1 hr presentation that you would spending significantly more time following along on the mailing lists. It really is a great way to get up-to-speed on a project. Secondly, there is the opportunity to, hopefully, lay some of that knowledge on others by being one of the speakers. This year I'm actually doing 3 presentations and, although I'm not quite finished them yet, they are shaping up to be pretty good (at least I hope so!). Another thing is that I like seeing the number of commercial companies who attend and support both ApacheCon and the ASF. Being the CTO of one such company (Covalent), ApacheCon is a valuable avenue to strengthen that bond. But by far, the community and social aspects of the conferences are what I really value. Being able to connect and reconnect with people that you don't see nearly enough is quite a gift. And having the opportunity to make new friends, and connect faces with Email addresses, even after all these years, never grows old.

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