A URI by any other name...

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, October 4. 2007 in Programming

Many people are buzzing about Amazon's Dynamo, and for good reason. But the buzz is almost dual in nature, because not only is it very cool technology, but also because of the real and perceived impacts on other architectural designs. After all, as noted by others as well, what we're really seeing is a RESTful DB, and how it maps to a RESTful web architecture as well. The key is the URI and the data is the resource; it is a very natural fit. And when the "DB" is better, faster and more scalable due to its simplicity, we see a mutual self-validation between the two. The success of REST implies that Dynamo is the right approach, and the power and capability of Dynamo indicate that RESTful architectures should, of course, continue to be taken seriously (if not more seriously). Of course, one can pretty much claim that the web itself is a key/value distributed DB implementation, and they'd be right. I don't agree that RDBMs are going away anytime soon, but mostly it's because that I don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. I like having a wide range of tools in my utility belt, so I can use the technology that works, instead of shoe-horning something in, which is the real danger, IMO, with tunnel vision technology.

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