Making things easier for myself

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, May 21. 2007 in Programming

I find myself using external "port kits" more and more often... Instead of keeping track of, and hand-compiling, various external packages that I use and rely on, I'm using MacPorts (formerly DarwinPorts). As previously posted, I'm also finding myself using Locomotive to handle my RoR environment, again, instead of worrying about the versioning and dependencies myself. It's not laziness, just efficiency. By not "being bothered" by some aspects, I can focus on the things that are more important. Plus, I alternate from a G5 desktop system to a Intel MacBook semi-regularly, and using Locomotive ensures parity between these development systems for me. FWIW, I hardly ever use Fink anymore... It used to be my main external source, but I like MacPorts better.

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