Work and Fun

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, April 26. 2007 in Programming

So I "just" got back from our mini-vacation/company-trip to Lana'i (counting travel time, it was a week), and I'm slowing slogging through the pile-up of Email and other stuff that I on purpose didn't check while away... OK, that's a lie; I *did* check my email, but only with a rough cut "This can wait..." approach. But I did force myself to stay away from the laptop and enjoy myself and relax. The funny thing is that one thing I do during my free time, and part of how I relax is that I hack on code... So even though I would force myself "not to do work" I would still find myself opening up the laptop and code. Once, while doing this, Eileen looked over and said "You're not working, are you?" "No, of course not," I said. Then she smiled and said "How can you tell?" You know it's pretty cool when you enjoy your work. It's even better when what you do for work is also what you do for fun. This is pretty common for many of us open source people. We're a lucky breed.

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