ApacheCon US 2006 Nuggets

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, October 16. 2006 in Personal

Now that I'm back (I flew back Friday nite, but both Saturday and Sunday were packed with family stuff), it's time to post some neat little nuggets regarding the ApacheCon US 2006 Conference. In no particular order, although the 1st one is pretty freaking important: The ASF Sponsorship Program
On Wednesday, I announced (or, rather, the ASF announced, I was just the person doing it) the ASF Sponsorship Program, a way for companies and individuals to make non-directed substantial monetary donations to the ASF and receive in-return benefits. We already have 2 committed sponsors: Google (at Platinum) and Covalent (minimum Silver). Expect more info on the ASF site with a few weeks Hackathon
Spent *way* less time hacking code that I would have liked, but at least I did get the chance to make one small patch to the mod_dumpio module. Sessions
All in all, they were all quite good. I missed a few that I wanted to see, but will grab the presos from the speakers since some of them aren't on the CD. "Ahead of the curve"
Inside joke... Kamikazes
7. Or was it 8? Mini bars
How many escaped unscathed? Sushi
On Thursday nite, a huge crowd of us went to Maiko for sushi. Most excellent. The bill was a wonder to behold. Google, Covalent, Charles River Ventures and SourceForge graciously treated all of us. Buffalo Billiards
Attendees of ApacheCon, including mostly us ASF members, kind of took it over. T's and swag
Loads of cool t-shirts this year, esp. the Hackathon one. And the speaker's present (laser pointer and USB flash drive combo) was pretty neat. The people
I finally met several people I had been looking forward to meeting. It was also fantastic seeing people that I haven't seen for months, or even years! Cliff Stoll
"Chocolate milk! Chocolate milk!" Loads of fun and loads of good deep content...

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