Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, May 30. 2008 in Junk Drawer

I went ahead and upgraded my Macs to 10.5.3 yesterday (using the Combo Update, of course). Unfortunately, even though many things are better, the most annoying bug in Mail has NOT been fixed... doing a search causes Mail to forget the field width settings in the Message Viewer window. Ugg!

Internet Freedom

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, May 27. 2008 in Junk Drawer

Will someone please explain to me this "Internet Freedom" that Viacom's challenge is supposedly threatening? What freedom is that? The freedom to steal copyrighted data? How did all that is good and noble about the Internet get somehow associated with the concept that "as long as I can make a copy of something, I should be able to do whatever I want to do with it whether I have permission or not." Yes, the Internet is all about sharing information, but it doesn't also mean that copyright now flies out the window. Let's be clear, if I create something (music, video, code, whatever) and I *choose* to share it, then great! If I also decide to let others share it as well, even better! But the sharing of that information is *mine* to choose, not yours. Don't lump my exercising my rights in protecting my property, with your perceived "rights" to take what is mine and do whatever you want with it, without my permission. Really, that sort of mentality is totally embarrassing.


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Thursday, May 8. 2008 in Junk Drawer

Although I've been "on" Twitter for awhile, it's only recently that I've really used it. For me, I find it much easier to take a minute or 2 to write up a short 1-2 phrase tweet regarding something on my mind, than spent more time to craft something larger and longer to "warrant" a blog post. A blog post seems like just too much work. A tweet is just fun. If you want to follow me, my Twitter ID should be pretty obvious.

Still one bothersome bug in 10.5.2

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Saturday, February 16. 2008 in Junk Drawer

There is one bug in 10.5.2 which is still there and still quite irritating. It's in Mail. It keeps on forgetting the width of the columns in list view all the time. I've setup Mail so that in list view it shows the thread cluster, the status, flags, From, Subject, Date Rec'd and Attachments. I then spend time adjusting the width of those columns so I can see the data I want. In particular, I want the Status column wide so I can see how many unread messages there are in the thread. And, without fail, every time I close Mail, it loses those settings, and I need to readjust the column widths again. What a pain.


Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, February 8. 2008 in Junk Drawer

With my transition to Leopard, I've gone ahead an pretty much dropped Fink. Except for all those packages I compile and build myself, I'm baselining MacPorts. For one thing, it was getting problematic supporting 2 porting implementations and for another, well, Fink's kinda been slipping for awhile, as far as the timeliness of some updates. So right now, I'd say about 75% of my local additions are home-built , 20% via MacPorts and the remaining 5% are some one-off builds of some standard tools (like Wireshark). Oh, yes... I am very much looking forward to OS X 10.5.2... The various bugs and "issues" in 10.5.1 are starting to get quite annoying...

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