The silent drum-beat

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, November 28. 2011 in ASF

There are some topics which are just too expansive for a simple tweet. This is one of them.

Lately, there have been quite a few posts extolling the assumed decrease in the viability and "reason" for the Apache Software Foundation. It's always fashionable to lump all FOSS foundations, and related entities (such as Github), into one combined group and pick out the "winners" and "losers" and those whose stars are rising and those whose glory days are fading away. With the hubbub around DVCS and git/Github, people look at the ASF, and our measured approach to incorporating git into our workflow policies, and declare that since we have not drank the Kool-Aid, the ASF's days are done.

But all this misses the point about what the ASF is, and who we are, and why we are. I hope this blog post will clarify some things.

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Apache httpd 2.4 - one step closer!

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, March 7. 2011 in ASF

Today we released the first public beta of the next-gen version of Apache httpd, version 2.4. This release is officially called Apache httpd-2.3.11-beta, since we use odd/even numbering (for the minor version number) to signify alpha/beta vs. stable releases. Most work has been done in improving performance and stability, but as well as adding lots of useful features, especially as we see the demands placed on web servers by cloud environments. This means that the (reverse) proxy module had gotten a lot of special care and attention. But there are also modules to help with more fine-grained control over timeouts and even a basic bandwidth limiting module bundled in. With this release and the coming of Apache httpd 2.4 GA, you'll see the popularity and usage of Apache increase even more, as it becomes the web server for the cloud, bar none. Cheers!

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