I love local papers

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Friday, December 8. 2006 in Personal

I live in a pretty rural area of Harford Count, Maryland. Even though we get the Baltimore newpaper (The Sun) we also get the local paper as well (The Aegis). The reason is simple: I love small, local, rural newspapers. Where else do you find stories about someone's new tractor, schedules for parades and news articles about kids who finished in the top 5 in a school spelling bee. It's like living on Green Acres. But my favorite section, by far, is Police Blotter. The Police Blotter is a listing of small (1-2 sentence) descriptions of police reports received by the local sheriff's office. Without fail, I find 2-3 reports which make me laugh. For example: A woman in the 2600 block of Claret Drive told police Monday a woman was rearranging her Christmas decorations into something obscene. I bet being the reporter on Police Blotter is a fun job.

Indication of the way the wind is blowing

Posted by Jim Jagielski on Tuesday, December 5. 2006 in Programming

I find it somewhat amusing, but even more illuminating, that 2 very well developed "WS" projects (Axis2 and the Incubated CXF) are having a "spirited discussion" on which one is more RESTy. Sanjiva's post and Dan Diephouse's one both wish to show how "their" implementation is more ideally suited to real world usage, as well as being a more viable REST framework. Is there any better indication that REST is where it's at? If REST wasn't important, would they even care... and would we? Oh, and by the way, this is the exact reason why the ASF has and supports projects that, at first glance, appear to overlap or even compete. Cross pollination always helps evolution.

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