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Posted by Jim Jagielski on Monday, January 3. 2005

The last few weeks have been quite busy, more busy than expected (Of course!). So it's been awhile since I blogged anything. I'll post a few topics, and follow up during the next few days. First of all, of course, is The Tsunami. I can't even begin to imagine the devastation and the overwhelming personal impact of such a disaster. There's an excellent blog available to provide news and updates, a somewhat centralized coordination site and, of course, external links and notes. Fellow ASF member Sanjiva Weerawarana's Blog also is a required one to check out. If you haven't already, please donate to help the relief effort; My own personal choice was using Catholic Charities, but the Red Cross is also an excellent choice. I found it somewhat ironic that The Tsunami hit during a time when a lot of people are absorbed in self-centered consumerism. It certainly drives home what's important in your life. Call your folks. Hug your kids. Appreciate every day. There's been a lot of virtual ink used regarding the increase in the number of open source "support" companies. The latest, in Information Week is typical of most of these articles. They mention the 2 newest players (SpikeSource and SourceLabs), yet ignore the ones, like Covalent, which have been in this space for years and really understand open source. Sure, I guess startups are newsworthy, and it does sort of imply that external interest in open source is picking up, so I shouldn't complain too much :-) . And, of course, anything that increases the spread and acceptance of open source is Goodness. And yeah, I work for Covalent... so what? :-) Previously I mentioned that I hoped to read the Subversion book over the holidays... Well, I was able to get though maybe a quarter of it. Not for lack of interest, but simple lack of time. One very cool present I received this Christmas was a 19 inch Samsung LCD monitor (the 912N). I'd been looking at getting a new monitor (leaving CRT behind) for a few months and Eileen thought to surprise me, which she did. It's a very nice unit, the only problem is that it is analog only and therefore lacks a DVI input, and I'd prefer to avoid using analog if possible and use the DVI port on my G4... So do I keep it, or return it for a different make and model? I haven't quite decided yet. Enough for now.
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