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Short Bio :

Jim is a well known and acknowledged expert and visionary in Open Source and IT, an accomplished coder (in numerous languages) and frequent presenter/interviewee/consultant on all things Web and Cloud related. He is best known as one of the developers and co-founders of the Apache Software Foundation and has served as President and Chairman. He also served on the board, as well as President, for the Outercurve Foundation and was a director for the Open Source Initiative (OSI). Jim works for Salesforce as their Head of Open Source, after stints at Uber, Capital One, Red Hat, VMware, and others. Check out his Wikipedia Page.

Long Bio :


Jim graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1983 with a BES in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science. While at Hopkins, he was one of the student SysAdmins for the Engineering school's PDP-11 and VAX computer. This is where he got his first taste of C and UNIX and networks.


After getting his BES, Jim went to work for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center as an engineer. His main tasks were in modeling, simulation and analysis of spacecraft power systems. At GSFC, he was an early convert to the Macintosh (his PC of choice even today). When Apple released their first version of UNIX, called A/UX, Jim quickly became a known expert in that OS. He was the editor of the FAQ for A/UX, and Apple would even have people contact Jim if they had A/UX questions. It was his association with A/UX that started his guru reputation on the 'Net.

Since then Jim has made developer and porting contributions (most of them significant) to numerous Open Source projects, including Talean, Perl, sendmail, BIND/named, PHP, xntpd, GNU, cgiwrap and FreeBSD. He's also written a lot of independent code, a sampling of which can be found here. He is most likely best known as a long-time (almost "charter") core developer of Apache, after having helped develop the later versions of NCSA's httpd server. Jim is a member and Director of the Apache Software Foundation which he co-founded. For 8 years Jim held the role of Executive Vice Presisent and Secretary of the ASF; for 3 years he was Chairman and he currently serves as President.

In 1994 Jim started jaguNET Access Services, LLC, a successful and acknowledged ISP and Web Hosting company based in Maryland. Jim also served as partner for OneStopSite, LLC, a Web Technologies firm and was CTO for Zend Technologies, USA, the engine behind PHP for e-business. Jim also served as CTO for Covalent Technologies, and with the merger of Covalent and SpringSource held the title of Chief Architect and Chief Open Source Officer. With the acquisition of SpringSource by VMware, he served as Senior Engineer. After a 5 year stint at Red Hat, Jim worked for Capital One as a Sr. Distinquished Engineer and then at ConsenSys as their Head of Open Source. From there he headed the OSPO at Uber and now Salesforce. He also speaks at conferences in addition to being an independent consultant. Jim's written several magazine articles, has served as technical reviewer for a coupla 'Net books. He has served on a number of FOSS boards, including Apache, OSI and OuterCurve.

Old Stuff:

Jim used to be an editor on Slashdot, heading the Apache and Web section. He also had a monthly column in Web Techniques, called At Your Server, all about server-base infrastructure. When WT changed to New Architect, Jim provided occasional featured articles. If you'd like to see a (small) sample of his work, it is available here.

What he knows:

Basically, if it has to do with the 'Net, the Web, Cloud, Open Source or programming, Jim knows it. If you had to pick the top skills, they would most likely be C/C++/Java Programming; Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Javascript Scripting; Web Server Administration and Support; Internet/Extranet/Intranet Design; and Web/Open Source Visionary and Advocate. He's also a very good woodworker, but that's another story.

How he can help you:

Do you need a knowledgable and dynamic speaker? Or maybe need to interview someone regarding the Web, Apache, PHP or Open Source in general? Or would like an interesting yet fun article or book written? Need a technical advisor, or maybe a member of a technical advisory board? How about independent consulting, or some programming work, or someone to look at your present technology and make recommendations? You can contact Jim. He'd be glad to help.

Personal stuff:

Jim was born on March 11, 1961. He is married to his wife Eileen (since 1986) and has three sons: Jonathan, Timothy and Andrew. Those last 10 pounds are always the hardest to lose. Gray hair is distinguished.

How to contact him:

You can snail mail him at:

     Jim Jagielski
     1901 Munsey Drive
     Forest Hill, MD 21050

or Email him at: (his normal email address)
         - or - (his personal email address)
         - or - (if it's about Apache or the ASF)

or call him at:

     410-420-0140 (work)
     443-324-8390 (mobile)

or FAX him at:


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He doesn't... usually.

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